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Protools 11.3.1 released

Protools 11.3.1 is out and includes a number of fixes.

Issues Resolved in Pro Tools | Software 11.3.1

  • The Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt driver doesn't load properly after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite. (PT-200137)

  • When multiple E3 engines are connected together (as part of a shared input VENUE S3L-X system), and at least one E3 engine in the system is connected to a Pro Tools computer, only one of the available E3 engines may be listed twice in the Playback Engine pop-up menu of the connected computer. (VSW-9462)

  • Analyze mode in AudioSuite does not work as expected when processing mode is set to “clip-by-clip”. (PTSW-197540)

  • Pro Tools quits unexpectedly when instantiating the default EQ or dynamic plug-in from a EuControl surface. (EUCON-3494)

  • Automation lags when delay is induced by plug-ins further in the signal chain. (PTSW-196906)

  • A Pro Tools Satellite is disconnected from the Satellite network posts a “Pro Tools Cannot Stop Playback” dialog. (PT-200219)

  • When a large session on a Satllite system receives a play command while attempting to auto-save, Pro Tools reports a “Pro Tools Cannot Stop Playback" message. (PTSW-197689)

  • If automation data is lost after using the "TCE Edit to Timeline Selection" command, the command cannot be undone to recover the lost automation data. (PT-199196)

  • Pro Tools quits unexpectedly when recording in QuickPunch mode while banking on an S6 (PT-200272/PTSW-200359)

  • When using a Video Satellite system, scrubbing in Pro Tools results in an assertion in Media Composer. (PTSW-197583)

  • Consolidated clips lose embedded rig settings with Eleven Rack. (PTSW-189327)

  • When stopping DPE recording, the playhead “parks” (rolls back into previous recording). Consequently, when playback is engaged, you hear the last bit of the previous recording. (PTSW-193265)

  • EQ knobs and buttons on a EUCON control surface do not respond when they are changed from the plug-in GUI in Pro Tools. (PTSW-200325)

  • Automation is delayed when using a VCA track. (PT-200538)

  • With more than 90 ISIS workspaces mounted, AVE connections time out. (UME-1126)